Installing your Como classic is simple! You can set it up in as fast as 15 minutes. Just follow the steps along with the provided user manual to ensure a quick process.

  1. Remove your existing toilet seat cover. Make sure to clean your toilet seat to ensure a hassle-free installation of your Como bidet. 
  2. Turn off the water supply in order to avoid water leakage during installation. If your water source is from the toilet tank, make sure to flush your toilet as well.
  3. Carefully disconnect the water line from the water source. Prepare a bucket or towel for any water leakage that may occur after disconnecting the hose from the tank.
  1. Apply teflon tape to the hole in the water source to make the T-valve fit. To seal the water source hole and T-adaptor perfectly, place the rubber washer inside the T-adaptor.
  2. Connect the water source to one open end of the T-adaptor. There will be another opening on the other side of the T-adaptor allotted for the bidet hose. Ensure that T-adaptor is tightly connected to the water source to avoid any water leakage.
  3. Place the large rubber washers inside the mounting brackets to help secure the position of your bidet attachment.
  4. Place the Como bidet on top of your toilet seat. Align the holes of your Como bidet with the holes on your toilet seat. Insert the brackets inside each hole before reattaching your toilet seat cover.
  5. Make sure that both your Como bidet and toilet seat are in their proper places before you screw the bolts underneath your toilet seat. Do not tighten the bolts just yet because you still need to place the bidet at the center of your toilet seat.
  6. Once you are certain that the bidet is at the center of your toilet seat, you may now tighten the bolts with your wrench to keep your Como bidet attachment in place.
  7. From the water source, connect the bidet hose to the other open end of the T-Valve.
  8. Connect the other end of the bidet hose to your Como bidet. This will provide fresh water to your Como bidet. 
  1. Once you’re done, slowly turn on your water source. Make sure to check for leaks before completely opening your water source.
  2. Enjoy your newly installed Como bidet for a hassle-free cleaning!
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