Como Classic Bidet Toilet Seat Attachment

A Better Toilet Experience Starts Here

Como Classic is an easy-to-install cold water bidet attachment for your existing toilet seat. It features front and rear wash nozzles (that can be easily controlled by the water pressure knob), and a patented self-cleaning design.

The Trusted Brand

Features you’ll love

Some bidets only offer one wash nozzle, others need to be cleaned manually. At Como, producing just an average bidet isn’t an option. We packed in as many features as we can, without compromising quality and design.
como bidet powered by water pressurePowered by water pressure
como bidet no electricity neededNo electricity required
como bidet front and rear nozzles dual nozzleFront and rear nozzles
como bidet patented self cleaningPatented self cleaning
como bidet fits most toiletsFits most toilets
como bidet slim thin modern designSlim modern design
como bidet easy to installEasy to install
como bidet 1 year warrant12 months warranty

como self cleaning after every use

Self cleans before and after wash

Como features dual nozzles for front and rear wash. Water pressure can be controlled by the knob, and self-cleans before and after every use.

Designed for the Modern Home

Como will be the thinnest and slickest cold water bidet attachment you’ll find in the market. Our engineers worked very hard to make the design as thin as possible – only 6mm in thickness!

Easy to use, just turn the knobs

The bidet uses water pressure to clean your private parts. Turning the knob allows the water to flow to the front / rear nozzles.

Easy to Install – or we can install it for you

como user manual
Just follow the user manual It’s easy to install, promise! Our team worked really hard on the user manual so that even a teenage girl (no offense) can follow our installation instructions.

como talk to our team
Let our team guide you If you’re still having a hard time, you can reach out to our team who’s always active on Facebook for assistance.

como hire an installer
Hire our installer (in Metro Manila only) If you’re residing in Metro Manila, you’re in luck! You can opt for our installation service so our rider can install it for you (yes, it’s so easy our rider can do it)!

Be eco-friendly, consume less

Using toilet paper daily simply isn’t sustainable. 80% of the Japanese homes have made the switch. The future is here and it doesn’t have to be expensive.

Replacing our tissue paper habit means less trees killed, less clogged toilets, and less sewage waste produced. Bottomline, it’s better for you and the environment.

What’s in the box?

Everything you need to install Como is included, just bring your own wrench!
  1. Como Bidet Attachment
  2. 2 pcs. Adjustable Mounting Brackets
  3. 1 pc. 1/2” Rubber Washer for T-Adaptor
  4. 1 pc. 1/2” Brass T-Adaptor ( 1⁄2” X 1⁄2” X 1⁄2”)
  5. 63cm Cold Water Braided Metal Hose
  6. 2 pcs. Large Rubber Washers
  7. Teflon Tape
  8. Instruction Manual
como contents of the box P.S. Don’t have a wrench? Don’t worry, just let our team know and we can include an adjustable wrench (+ Php 100) for you.
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