Girl Talk: How Can Bidet Help You Clean Yourself Right?

Girl Talk: How Can Bidet Help You Clean Yourself Right?

At some point in our lives, we have all probably wondered, “Am I washing properly?” and it makes us conscious about our hygiene, the way we smell, and why do we get irritations and sticky feelings down below. It has made us purchase unnecessary products that we might not know could be harmful to our health (such as femme wash and sprays). Worry not because today, we are going to discuss some of the most important things that every girl should know. 

We are certain that this is not your first time reading about how lady parts work; at least once in your lifetime, someone will tell you to refrain from using any harsh, scented products in your intimate area (which is actually true). Those are made to tolerate the female insecurities and bamboozle women’s personal hygiene. But guess what? THE ALTAR OF VENUS CLEANS ITSELF, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need water duh, of course, you need to rinse the sticky feeling off.  

*We are aware that this may be confusing, so, please take note that the vagina is the inner part of your intimate area, while the vulva is the outer part that includes clit, clitoral hood, inner and outer labia (a.k.a. the things you see when you open your legs).

How does the lady part clean itself? 

It’s pretty simple: a number of glands line the vag region, producing the fluids needed to lubricate and cleanse the vaginal area (the insides), traveling to the outer part (vulva) that you need to rinse during bath. It is also why girls feel clammy sometimes, it’s because of the healthy discharge that it produces when cleaning, therefore that’s what you need to wash off. 

Is it the same with menstruation?

No, sweetheart. Menstruation is a different case and what it cleans is the ovaries, which should happen every month, compared to the vag that cleans daily. However, during red days, your intimate area is way much prone to infections because of blood secretion and high levels of estrogen, that’s why you need to take ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* extra care ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* of your lady region. 

What is the downfall of not washing the right way?

Aside from the steamy-sticky feeling and fishy odor, girls who don’t wash properly may also suffer from different infections and irritations. Some common examples of this are itching, yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, blisters, sores, or warts around your genitals, green, yellow, or gray discharge.

Yikes! We know you don’t want that. 

How to wash properly?

Ideally, girls should wash at least twice a day and wash only the vulva and not the vagina itself (In other words, no douching! No inserting of any fluid inside!). Cleaning yourself in the morning and the evening should be enough, but sometimes girls tend to feel sticky after urinating especially when they’re on their period. It is also essential to wash the whole region down below, reaching not only the front but also the skin bridging to the anus, and the anus itself. In that way, you can feel clean and fresh after using the toilet, avoiding unwanted diseases. 

Keep your femme hygiene on point with Como, the latest Japanese-inspired bidet here in the Philippines. It is non-electric, easy to install, and handy. Feel fresh and be odor-free with its FRONT AND REAR WASH that can help you clean every inch thoroughly. *Plus, no more scattered blood on the floor during red days! 

It comes with an adjustable mounting bracket to hold the nozzle housing, front wash nozzle, rear wash nozzle, water inlet, and of course the control knob that lets the user manage the flow of the water. Just adjust the area you want to clean, and voila! You’re good to go. 

Each box includes 1 Como bidet attachment, 2 pieces adjustable mountain brackets, 1 piece rubber washer (for T-Adaptor), 1 piece T-Adaptor, a cold water braided metal hose, 2 pieces of large rubber washers, a Teflon tape, and an instruction manual.

Regardless if you’re in your period or not, it’s still not a good idea to shower down there with soap, especially those that are harsh and scented. Besides, before all that formulated cleansers, women used nothing but water to keep their lady parts clean and healthy.

Say goodbye to bacteria and irritation, say hello to a healthier intimate area only with Como.

It is free of delivery charge within Metro Manila, and to make things less hassle, it is also available for home installation! For more information, variants, and prices, please feel free to visit


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