Unique Gift Ideas for Giving Back to Your Parents!

Have you ever wondered what your talents and gifts are? Some may realize it at an earlier age while some may have a hard time figuring it out for years. However, through our journey in life, our parents are always there to guide us.

Always remember that we, ourselves, are the greatest form of gifts that our parents could ever receive. But of course, we want to show our gratefulness by giving them personalized gifts. Personalized gifts are a perfect way of expressing ourselves in a unique style, it shows that we truly love our parents --- and that itself can make our parents happy. But what kind of personalized gift can we give our parents? 

This may be troublesome for some of us, we often have a hard time thinking of gift ideas for our parents. Of course we want something that they’ll cherish yet useful. Our parents are special  to us to the point that we want a rare and unique gift to give to them. However, your gifts don't have to be expensive or large for them to appreciate it. As the saying goes, “Great things come in small packages.”

It can be in the form of meaningful gifts such as a photo album that shows memorable images like the first time your parent’s bathed you --- or even upgrading your comfort room. Now that’s a unique way of giving back to your parents! 

As we see them grow older we start to realize that things like these are convenient to them since one of their challenges every day is having a hard time going to the bathroom. A bidet is the most unique and ideal gift since it’s more efficient than toilet paper and helps them get cleaned easily after using the toilet.

With a non electric bidet attachment, they don’t need to adjust their body or reach out to get water. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that every year millions of elderly people fall for various reasons and one of it is by bending or other movements required in cleaning up after using the toilet. 

Unlike toilet papers or handheld bidets, non electric bidet attachments can give the elders independence when using the toilet. Not only that, but it also ensures their safety because it's easier to use. 

Fun Fact: Elders are much happier and healthier when they are in control of the private aspects of their lives!

By having a non electric bidet attachment inside your home, you can prevent pollution by reducing the waste of toilet papers!

A wonderful bidet is something that has a great quality yet affordable, and after looking for different non-electric bidets we found one that is remarkable. 

Como outcompeted other non electric bidet attachments because it’s compatible with 95% of toilets and are finally available in the Philippines! Their bidet has features like front and rear wash, it also has a self-cleaning mechanism after you use the bidet. 

Lastly, to show their generosity and prove that you won’t feel any hassle, they offer you a free installation when you buy their non electric bidet attachment!

Written by Aaron Lao