Surprising Benefits of Using a Bidet

“One who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases.” - Samaveda

Have you ever wondered if the toilet fixtures in your house help you maintain good hygiene and health? Was the cleanliness in your toilets enough to avoid such diseases? You might be surprised, but bidets can certainly help you in maintaining better hygiene to avoid health risks.

If you're still having second thoughts if bidets are worth it to purchase, let me explain the all-round benefits of a bidet to you and your family for all age groups.

Bidet as a comfort for ladies

Proper vaginal hygiene is significant to a woman’s health. If private parts were not cleaned well, some common diseases may happen. Therefore, using a bidet to cleanse your genitals is highly recommended.

  • DURING RED DAYS - Menstrual period is not simply blood flow. This period every month lets the toxins in our body be removed, which produces a strong odor, and if not cleanse properly might lead to various infections. Thus, regularly washing it using a bidet can make your menstrual cycle at ease and sanitary all at the same time.
  • YEAST AND URINARY TRACT INFECTION - The frequent usage of toilet paper and wipes alone can irritate your genitals, especially if you have sensitive skin. This practice can lead to serious infection. Also, when you wipe your private part using toilet paper, there’s a possibility of pushing waste particles that can contribute to UTI. Replacing the usual toilet paper and wipes with a bidet to thoroughly clean your private parts can keep you away from Yeast or UTI.

  • DURING AND AFTER PREGNANCY - Bidets will certainly accommodate our ladies who entered motherhood.
  • HEMORRHOIDS DUE TO PREGNANCY - Hemorrhoids were swollen veins caused by increased pressure during child delivery. It can be reduced if one avoids forcibly moving when using a toilet and stops using toilet paper which often worsens the symptoms such as bleeding, constipation, and irritation.
  • LIMITED MOBILITY - During and after giving birth, moving around can be difficult. Cleaning their body properly, especially for the hard-to-reach areas, can be challenging for them. Well, there’s no need for extra help because the non-electronic bidet [article A] that is directly installed in the toilet can surely help you rinse your private part with no stress at all.
  • CLEANLINESS THROUGHOUT MOTHERHOOD - During this time, ladies experienced fluid loss in their bodies. Women before and after childbirth need extra help with cleanliness. The gentle cleansing of the bidet will surely save you from the discomfort and trouble of your body.

Want to know more about the pregnancy and postpartum problems that bidets have taken care of? Here are some of the massive physical changes that may occur in the first few weeks. 

  • LOCHIA - It is characterized as a vaginal discharge that occurs after giving birth. Bleeding for the first few days is possible to happen. With this condition, regular cleansing is needed to prevent postpartum complications.
  • PERINEUM SYNDROME - This is referred to as the bulging of the perineum below the pelvis. The ever-reliable bidet can surely appease the uncomfortable pain brought by this complication.
  • URINARY PAIN  - Bladder pain is usual to ladies after giving birth due to the pressure of childbirth. A bidet can bring you off from any discomfort while staying fresh and clean.

From discomforts during discharges, menstruation, pregnancy, and after childbirth, bidets are there as a soothing mechanism for you to overcome these complications.

Bidet as a refresher for men


Men can also benefit from bidets! From the soothing water of the bidet, they can feel secure, confident, completely clean, and refreshed after their toilet break. This can also help relieve the discomfort of constipation, hemorrhoids, and penile yeast infection. The bidet will serve as a refresher to the on-the-go men.


Bidet as an aide for seniors

The easy-to-use controls of a bidet can give the elders independence with their hygiene [article F]. The controls were placed on the right side for easier access. No need to rely your washing time on others because our seniors, regardless of their state, can do it.

  • IMMOBILITY DUE TO AGING AND DISEASES - Partial or total mobility loss due to aging and diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, bowel problems, obesity, and surgeries can be frustrating to freely move around. Using a bidet will surely lessen this difficulty for your medical needs.
  • HEMORRHOIDS TO SENIORS - Swollen and protruded veins around the anus can be painful, itchy, and may result in bleeding. Using a bidet eliminates the need for toilet paper usage which worsens the disease. Feel the relief even without resorting to expensive and painful surgery.
  • CROHN’S DISEASE - This type of inflammatory bowel disease can lead to abdominal pain, fatigue, severe diarrhea, and weight loss. If the symptoms persist, it’s difficult for a patient to move back and forth to the toilet. Using a bidet to completely cleanse and rinse without the harsh component of toilet paper can make their lives more comfortable.

Bidet as a helper for kids

Difficulty in properly cleaning themselves was the number one problem of parents when they are potty training their children. Bidets can help and guide the kids to clean themselves thoroughly without the parents minding about the cleanliness. It also promotes the benefits of neatness when it comes to toilet usage.

Bidet as a money-saver and environment-friendly

Did you know that an average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year and some use way more than necessary? If everyone does the same every day, you can easily picture out how many tons of waste we produce and how many trees were cut down just to tend our toilet needs. Also, the tissue expense will get worse!

That’s why bidet is here to save the day! You might be surprised but using a bidet is more environment-friendly compared to tissue papers. It only consumes one-eight gallons of water while you need 37 gallons of water to produce a single roll of tissue. With this, the bidet is a great choice to reduce waste and lessen your expenses.

Como bidet as your choice

Como, the latest Japanese non-electric bidet attachment that is compatible with 95% of toilets, is now available here in the Philippines.

This bidet already has a front and rear wash feature that all ages can benefit from. The front wash feature of Como Bidet is an ideal tool to prevent any bacteria that can travel along to your private parts that can lead to serious infections. The self-cleaning mechanism every after you use and open the bidet is a great feature for the next user.


This D.I.Y bidet has a manual that can be easily understood. The simple installation using a few tools will save you from plumbing professional’s fees.

The Como Bidet also has US-grade materials and hose made from metal that certainly will last long. A great toilet investment in the long run. With Como Bidet, everyone can enjoy the convenience, comfort, and health benefits of hassle-free cleansing at its affordable price.


Written by Crisyll Torres