Is Tabo Worth Giving Up For A Bidet?

Growing up in a Filipino household, it hits differently entering any bathroom that doesn't have the iconic duo in it (Yes! It's the dipper and the pail). As an Asian kid, it made us anxious to see a bathroom with only a shower, sink, and sometimes a tub in it. It even made some of us wonder how they are going to wash after nature's call. (How could we know about the bidet right away? It was hiding beside the toilet!).

LET'S NOT DENY IT-- we all had fun during bath times with our tabo. We would scoop an overflowing amount of water, press    it against the crown of our heads and feel the water slowly flow on our faces down to our bodies. But of course, we all know, too, that it's not the only purpose of dipper *wink*. Let us also not deny that we can't do that on our butts. LOL!

As we age, we realize that life's not all fun and it's such a pain in the back, in the neck,  in the arms, and in the whole body that we couldn't manage to use tabo anymore when we get old. It's a piece of sad news, but the good news is bidets exist and we assure you a hundred percent convenience.

Why is it better to have a bidet at home? 

Many Filipinos may find it sosyal to have a bidet at home, but that's not that point. Not all bidets are expensive, but please be mindful that you get what you pay for. Besides, a good bidet is a good investment because first and foremost, it improves personal hygiene and cleaning, making sure that no marks of your wastes are left. Washing after doing our business helps avoid complications in our area, such as hemorrhoids, rashes, and even UTI.

Bidets aren't just about comfort, they are also eco-friendly! We know that most of us grew up washing instead of wiping (except when we're outside). But who knows? Some of you, guys, might know someone who prefers wiping using toilet paper or wet wipes. But with bidet, we help reduce waste. Here's why: Less mass consumption translates to less commercial activity, which reduces waste, emissions, and frees up space on the planet. It also conserves water.  Awww, doesn't that sound sweet?

Let us not forget that it saves us time and money, too, since we wouldn't be using toilet papers as much as before investing in a bidet. Apart from that, no need to flush toilet papers. Using a licensed plumber can be expensive, and plumbing issues can be a huge nuisance. When you use a bidet, you can reduce or even eradicate these problems.

*BONUS POINT: bidet is beneficial for women in their red days and children in potty training; and ideal for pregnant women, handicapped, and the elderly. Yes, we understand that your Filipino heart may scream "tabo is forever". But, honey, the bidet is for everyone. Let's go for the greater good.


There's No Looking Back.

Once you switch to the bidet, there's no looking back.

Based on what's mentioned earlier, it's clear that a bidet is more comfortable to use. It's easier because you don't have to twist and turn to get cleaned, plus, it avoids unnecessary water spills, keeping the surroundings tidy even after use. You just have to reach for the bidet, adjust it in the area you want to wash, and press the trigger.

No more wet hands, no more perilous wet floors. 

Not to make you feel old but...

We have reached the second quarter of the year and we are not getting any younger, especially our seniors at home. It's time for you to upgrade your bathrooms and make every toilet break hassle-free! Make it happen with Como, the latest Japanese-inspired bidet here in the Philippines. It is non-electric, easy to install, and handy. It comes with an adjustable mounting bracket to hold the nozzle housing, front wash nozzle, rear wash nozzle, water inlet, and of course the control knob that lets the user manage the flow of the water.

Each box includes 1 Como bidet attachment, 2 pieces adjustable mountain brackets, 1 piece rubber washer (for T-Adaptor), 1 piece T-Adaptor, a cold water braided metal hose, 2 pieces of large rubber washers, a Teflon tape, and let us not forget the instruction manual.

If you're thinking that this is a sign of upgrading your old school dipper to a modern bidet, YOU. ARE. NOT. WRONG. We are here to let you experience a new level of comfort at home as we conserve natural resources, money and stay healthy at the same time.

As a gift for you, Como is free of delivery charge within Metro Manila! If you think you can't install it yourself, don't worry because we got you. Como bidet is also available for home installation, just ask and it will be granted. For more information, variants, and prices, please feel free to visit

Written by Shaniekah Kirsten Medina