Have Fun in Japan at Your Home!

Konichiwa! Want to (go to ---- or
experience) Japan?  But can’t leave?

You won't have to go further, Japan is here in your own place!

Japan is one of the most exquisite destinations around the world, with many special opportunities that cannot be offered in any place. Adventure in Japan is not something that most people associate with, but there are many exciting things that you can do in Japan and bring them into your home. By that, it will make you crave more for the Japanese vibes that you are searching for with your family and friends.

According to the japantimes, Japan was placed 10th in global ranking that assesses nations on their level of development in information and communication technology. The Japanese incorporate technology into their daily lives in a variety of ways. From vending machines to automatic doors that open, closing doors based on your body shape, and many more…

Now, come with me, and let’s check the list of Japanese experiences that you can perceive in your Home!

Watch Japanese Feature Films

There is a Japan Film Festival dedicated to the Philippines-Japan Friendship Month and formerly known as EIGASAI. It is an annual event every July, and for FREE, which is good news for you! Because they will celebrate it again online. (Yehey!) And You will know Japan better by watching Anime. You can do that at the world’s most famous anime brand at Crunchyroll. It has enormous collections of licensed wonderful anime that you can watch. You won't even have to get up or go anywhere else to watch Japanese Feature Films. You’ll just need popcorn or a companion while watching.

DIY Kimono


Get ready to feel like a Japanese Citizen! By making a Do-It-Yourself  kimono. Due to Pandemic many of us are staying at home for our own safety. Kimono has a basic way to complete. It will not only cover your skin from the sunlight it will also look great with a simple outfit.. It will not only kill your boredom because by doing this you will also make a productive day.

Embrace the Japanese friendly game 

Be with your family or friends and MUST TRY  this indoor game from Japan. Origami is one of the easiest games and will make fun while you play. The art of origami is a paper folding technique that is mostly associated with Japanese culture. In common use, the term "origami" is used for folding practices, regardless of their origin culture. Embrace one of the cultures in Japan while playing.


Easy Bake Sushi   

Rumbling tummy? I got you there!  Feel the presence of Japanese cuisine in your home by sushi bake. Sushi is the most well-known Japanese cuisine outside or inside Japan. Since the lockdown started Sushi bake has become popular in our newsfeed. And it's simply sushi baked in a casserole or pan. You need one big pan  where you will put your flattened sushi, with a fluffy Japanese rice base, shredded fish, and tobiko eggs on top. Taste the Japanese cuisine with your family or friends. 

Run into the Japanese Technology!

You might even feel like you’re experiencing a little slice of the Japanese capital in your own bathroom by having Como bidet. Como is a nonelectric bidet attachment that is compatible with 95% of toilets. It has simple installation steps, easy to use and very hygienic. Como aims to bring positive health benefits, sustainable solutions, and the product is affordable. They also have responsive customer service for everyone, and delivery nationwide. Why not try when it’s a necessity. 

Now you can enjoy and indulge yourself in some “Japanese feels” without compromising how much you would spend to actually go to Japan. But, let this be a stepping stone to let you assimilate the real realms of Japanese home and culture. We never know, maybe tomorrow or the coming days will be the time to have your opportunity to visit Japan. So enjoy!

Written by Angelica Fano