3 Common Reasons for Clogged Toilets - What to do?

I know how tiring it is to plunge your toilet now and then. The worst thing is the bowl starts filling up instead of emptying. How tiring it is to plunge all the way!


If you’re still reading this, maybe you’re finding a solution on how to fix it. Well, the good news is, we can still prevent this hassle problem. But before we can solve it, we must know first what are the common causes of clogged toilets.


Due to various situations like changing temperature, heavy rains, low pressure of water, and length of time, your toilet fixtures and pipes might worn out which causes the slow draining of your toilet bowl until it clogs. Checking and replacing the broken pipes and old toilet fixtures would be the best solution, but it should be inspected with a professional plumber’s guide, so the problem won’t get worse.


If not from the toilet fixtures, maybe the drainage problem was from the sewer line. This is complicated to find out but one way to check it is if every household experienced it all at once. The lower drains which were closest to the septic tank would be the first affected by the slow draining that leads to clogging.

In addition to that, it also makes a gurgling strange noise. To solve this, one must raise the problem to the homeowners then they can call an expert sewer company to inspect the problem. Such a hassle!


Flushing foreign objects are the worst problem that you might encounter. And yes, excessive usage of toilet papers can be the common culprit of your clogged toilets.  Did you know that an average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year and some use way more than necessary? You can already imagine how many times people would throw their used toilet papers and wipes in the bowl, and some mistakenly drop the tissues into it.

Whatever the situation is, you can feel the hassle of this scenario if not prevented immediately. Unfortunately, toilet papers can’t be broken down if mixed with other objects. Calling for a professional plumber or declogging it can be a big hassle. Replacing your tissues and using a bidet can definitely reduce or prevent this plumbing problem and issues in your home.

Como is the latest Japanese-inspired non-electric bidet attachment that is compatible with 95% of toilets. Como Bidet is now available here in the Philippines.

This bidet already has a front and rear wash feature that all ages can benefit from. The self-cleaning mechanism every after you use and open the bidet is a great feature for the next user.

This D.I.Y bidet has a manual that can be easily understood. The simple installation using a few tools will save you from plumbing professional’s fees.

The Como Bidet also has US-grade materials and hose made from metal that certainly will last long. With Como Bidet, no more clogged toilets to be cleaned.  A great toilet investment in the long run!


Written by Crisyll Torres