Bidet: 5 Reasons Why you Need One at Home

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who use bidets and those who don’t. People use a bidet for different reasons. Some people use a bidet to comfortably use the bathroom. Others use it to clean up after pooping. Still, others use a bidet to seal their envelopes…

Kidding aside, there are probably various conclusions – finding an alternative for tissue paper and wipes for a lesser mess, or wanting to ditch your old dipper to clean your butt — I will show you the complete bottom line here, and believe me, you are curious about it!

But first, what is a bidet? A bidet is a plumbing fixture used to wash private parts for hygiene purposes after going to the bathroom. Invented during the 1700s in France, it was used by the royalties to clean up after riding a horse for long hours. Bidet came from the French word “pony” because using it is the same as riding a horse. 

Here are the bowel-changing reasons why you should consider having a bidet:

1. Better hygiene to avoid health risks

Many people use toilet paper to clean themselves after a bowel movement. However, this practice can be harmful to your anus and general health. Bidets are an ideal solution for cleaning yourself without having to worry about any unwanted health risks.

2. Relief to your bottom

A clean toilet can make a real difference to your health. Bidets encourage good hygiene, which means fewer infections. This can also help you relieve and prevent constipation and inflammatory bowel disease that may occur. Say goodbye to itchy bottoms and hemorrhoids. 

3. 100 rolls of toilet paper were used and wasted

Did you know that an average person uses 100 rolls of toilet paper per year and some use way more than necessary? You could see how much waste was left on the trees. That’s why using a bidet will reduce your expenses and will save our environment from our mess.

4. No more toilet clogs

If you’re using toilet paper, you can imagine the toilet clogs that regularly happen in your bathroom. Calling for a professional plumber or declogging it can be a big hassle. Using a bidet can reduce this plumbing problem and issues in your home. You can now enjoy your bathroom time.

5. Helper for Elderly and with special needs

Bidets have unmatched versatility. It can help kids and adults of any gender or age.

A. Perfect for red days – Bidet helps you quickly and easily wash the front for more comfort, cleanliness, and convenience. Ideal for women of all ages, especially those with limited mobility or at times of increased personal hygiene needs, such as menstrual periods and childbirth.

B. Great assistant for old people –  Bidet is the perfect hygiene solution for people living with special needs. It has a convenient control knob that is accessible on the same side of the seat, which makes it very easy to adjust even if the person uses a wheelchair.

C. Potty training for Children – As a parent, you want to reward your child’s achievement of being potty-trained. Less mess and less trouble when it comes to cleaning. Such a life-saver!

D. Suffering men due to poor hygiene – Bidet offers an easy way to clean and keep your body fresh, healthy, and comfortable. With a patented nozzle designed for optimum cleansing comfort, it is perfect for people who suffer from hemorrhoids, rectal itching, and other conditions associated with lack of cleanliness.

While keeping you clean, bidets such as Como provide the convenience and health benefits of washing with no hassle at all.

Como is the latest Japanese-inspired non-electric bidet attachment that is compatible with 95% of toilets. Como Bidet is now available here in the Philippines. With its affordable price, easy to install and use features, Como will be a great investment for your toilet needs!

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